These 5 Symptoms Indicate That You Suffer from Liver Damage!

The liver is a very important organ and is responsible for cleaning the blood, help the digestion of food, and fight infections. This organ is also self-repairing, as it replaces the old cells with new ones.

According to many specialists, when your liver is not able to repair itself and work optimally you can have some serious health issues. This can be caused by scarring of the tissue, chronic inflammation, or cancer.

Here Are the Most Common Symptoms of Liver Damage:
Liver damage

Yellowing of Your Eyes and Skin
When the liver doesn’t work appropriately, it makes a bilirubin build-up in your blood and turns your skin and eyes yellow. This is commonly known as jaundice. The biggest causes of the damage of the liver are infections, excessive alcohol intake, drug abuse, hepatitis, cancer, and exposure to toxic substances.

Changes in the Color of Stool and Urine
If you have jaundice, the colour of your urine and stool can be changed. The urine becomes dark coloured, and the stool becomes pale coloured.

When the this organ isn’t functioning properly, it begins to retain water in the body, which causes swollen legs, or belly.

When this organ is damaged, it stops producing proteins. This makes you more prone to bleeding and bruises, because proteins are very important in blood clotting.

Itchy Skin
Having a liver disease is thought to be connected with kidney failure, thyroid problems, cancer, and itchy skin. The itching will occur all over the body, and will make you scratch your skin. Therefore, the skin may look totally normal on the outside, but it will make you itch.

In Some Cases, Liver Disease Does Not Cause Any Symptoms:
More than half people who suffer from liver disease don’t experience any symptoms, or experience not so severe symptoms, such as tiredness, itching, and lack of drive.

Also, the symptoms can get worse as the liver disease progresses. So, you may also feel confused, have diarrhea, feel sleepy, or disoriented.

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