Here Are 7 Warning Signs You Have Blocked Arteries

The blood circulation is one of the most important processes in the human’s body. Organs in the body need to receive the proper amount of blood, which cares all the nutrients in order to function properly. In case, this process is somehow slowed down it can lead to organ failure and if it happens to the vital organs, like the heart or the brain, the consequences can be fatal.

Our blood flow can be compared to traffic flow. When the circulation isn’t smoothly running it’s similar to a traffic jam, where can be nothing done. In this situation, there’s no productivity and we’re in a standstill position all the time. It is the same with your body if your organs don’t get the necessary blood amount nothing will get done properly. In the worst case, your organs will stop functioning to their maximum or stop completely.

There are many things that cause poor circulation, but it can also be a sign of clogged arteries, which is a reason for numerous, serious health problem. All experts agreed that clogged arteries can be life-threatening so it’s crucial, so recognizing this condition in time and taking the adequate measures is very important before it’s too late.

How can you recognize the poor circulation?

There is a number of things that can warn you about the poor circulation, from diabetes to low blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

The most common factors that contribute to poor circulation are:

– Sedentary lifestyle

– Obesity

– Smoking

– Unhealthy diet (fast food, lots of refined sugars and trans fats)

Here are some questions that everyone should ask him/herself:

Do you feel pain in your legs?
Do you feel constantly tired?
Are you having cramps all the time?

If the answer of one of those questions is YES you might be suffering from peripheral artery disease (PAD).

However, the PAD is frequently misdiagnosed, as its symptoms are similar to symptoms of many other health problems, so physicians fail to diagnose it in time. As PAD can have serious consequences it’s important to diagnose it in time and do something to fix the condition.
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PAD – Symptoms, prevention, and treatment

PAD is caused by the arterial plaque buildup or atherosclerosis, which come with the aging. The arterial plaque in older people starts to harden, so their arteries tighten and the body starts to choke. It mostly affected the legs or the arteries that go through the lower extremities.
What are the most common symptoms of PAD?

1) Cramping and leg pain

2) Shiny skin

3) Leg numbness

4) Leg hair loss

5) Wounds healing slower than usually

Sometimes the symptoms are so mild that they’re hardly noticeable, but, always the best thing is if you prevent that problem if it’s possible.
Prevention and Treatment

When it comes to preventing and treating PAD you can follow those top 3 pieces of advice:

Be more physically active
Avoid alcohol and stop smoking
Consume more veggies and fruits

Our suggestion is to include in your diet more

– Ginger and garlic

– Plenty of benefits can be gained from vitamin E, so focus on eating more almonds, Brazil nuts, and sunflower seeds

– Increase your antioxidant levels, selenium, beta-carotene, and vitamin C and D

When you purchase all those products pay attention to be organic and your circulation should improve in a short period of time.

Watch this short video in which you can see some exercise (stretches) for improved leg circulation.

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