What Your Kissing Style Says About Your Relationship!

Expert kisser and author of the book “The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us” Sheril Kirshenbaum gives us the lowdown on what our different kissing styles mean, and what they say about our relationships. “Kissing is so important to long-term bonds. It helps maintain a relationship,” she says. Pucker up, because we’re diving into kiss-culture.

What’s your kissing style, and which one do you want to try? Let us know in a comment below

The butterfly kiss. This one does not involve the lips at all. Two people put their eyes together and flutter their lashes against one another. This is a hallmark of young lovin’ and you will very rarely see a mature couple engaged in this sort of kiss. Butterfly kisses will evolve into other types of kissing, as well as a different, more mature relationship, with age.

The peck. If you’re pecking, you won’t be necking. You’re testing the waters here. Do you like this person? Are you attracted to them? If you’re in a long-term relationship, this can be used as a quick check-in and serve as a little “hello” or “goodbye.” Quaint and comforting, a little peck says a lot.

The Spiderman kiss. Spontaneous and fun, this upside-down kiss shows that your relationship can still surprise you. There’s a sense of excitement and no matter how old or young, this kiss shows you still care enough to find new ways to express your feelings.

The gentle kiss. These soft smooches can really stimulate a person. Light kisses are all about anticipation and demonstrate a deep level of comfort with one another.
The angel kiss. This kiss is all about protection and providing your partner with a sense of security. One person smooches the others’ eyelid while they are sleeping, serving as a reminder that they are being watched over. It’s a touching way of showing your lover how precious they are to you.
he cheek kiss. This kiss is the start of a blooming relationship. You like one another, that’s for sure, but it isn’t quite romantic love just yet. Perhaps you’re friends? Or just feeling affectionate? Whatever your feelings, the intended purpose of this kiss is not romantic. It conveys fondness. If you’re dating someone and get a cheek kiss, it shows that there is still friendship in your relationship, which is vital for longevity.
The French kiss. You’re exploring one another a lot more, literally and figuratively. This kiss occurs when words fall short and you really want to let your partner know that you’re eager to get to know them better.
The single-lip kiss. You’re all about L-O-V-E! Instead of diving into an aggressive kiss, you focus on kissing only one of your partner’s lips at a time. This shows your partner how intimate you are; you’re really savoring the kiss, which indicates a deep affection.
The sloppy kiss. Talk about sexual energy! This kiss shows that the physical aspect of your relationship is of the utmost importance to you.
he closed-mouth kiss. This is done by couples that are not 100 percent comfortable with one another just yet. You aren’t exchanging moisture or touching tongues; it’s a new relationship.
The nibble kiss. Feisty! There’s an underlying passion here and you engage in sex frequently with one another. You like to spice things up by being a little rough and aren’t afraid to show your passion physically. Nom nom nom.
Earlobe kisses. This can be either romantic or hot and passionate. Kissing a person’s ear is ticklish and sweet, but tugging on an earlobe, using tongue and gently blowing into it can really get them going.
Forehead kiss. Friendly, but can be used as a starter kiss for more wild pecking. Soft, sensual and loving.
A kiss on the hand. This is passionate and intimate. It shows that your lover admires you, respects you, and isn’t afraid of making a big gesture to show it. It also expresses trust.
Eskimo kiss. Parents do this to their children a lot. Partners touch noses lightly and rub back and forth, like puppies. It’s affectionate, cute and innocent.