Try These 8 Tea Bags Uses For Health Benefits!

Try These 8 Tea Bags Uses For Health Benefits!

Tea is not only a beverage used for refreshment but it can be used to treat a variety of problems at home, especially health problems. Usage of a tea bag is not meant for only one time, as you can use pre-brew tea bags for getting many health benefits.

It has antioxidants, flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help you to get rid of many skin and health problems. Make sure that you follow these methods regularly but not for one-time usage.

Continue reading to find out how tea can help treat everything from sunburn to canker sores.

1. Heal bruises. Both green and black tea contain tannins which help shrink swollen tissue and narrow blood vessels. This is why tea is a great life hack for healing bruises, which emerge when the tiny capillaries under the surface of the skin are damaged. So next time you have a nasty blue bruise or a black eye, dip a tea bag in hot water, let it cool and then lay it on the bruised area.

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2. Treat sunburn. It’s summer time. Beach weather also means sunburn weather. Treat your hot, aching skin with cool, wet tea bags. If you are burnt from head to toe, ‘‘Reader’s Digest’’ suggests placing tea bags in the bathtub and treating yourself to a tea soak. This method also works for minor burns from devices such as curling irons, teapots and steam irons.

3. Shrink warts. According to ‘‘Divine Caroline’’, the tannic acid and bacteria fighting qualities found in tea are effective for shrinking warts. To use this home remedy, place a warm teabag on the wart for ten minutes a few times a day until the wart shrinks.

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